Carnal —

the inspiration:

This story readily came to me one day.


In the morning, I drove to the grocery store and past the local fair, a couple of carnies were in view, and yeah, they were a couple of bad boys! 

When I got home, my teenage daughter was dressed in a crop top and heading out the door, on her way to the fair. I thought 'no way are you going like that' Then my writer brain took over, and the basic story of Carnal played itself out in my head.

She ended up wearing the crop top to the fair, mothers don't always win, unfortunately.

Carnal:  A Bad Boy Small Town Romance

She deserves better than me

I live my life the way I want. 

And today, I want her. 

Emily. My Goldie. 

Until I find out she's a virgin. 

Screw that.

She's too good for me be to her first. 

No matter how much she begs me. 

There's no way she could handle my pierced and inked c*ck. 

I'll make her legs quiver and move on to the next small town. 

Except once I leave, I can't get her taste out of my head. 

She's mine.

I just have to figure out how to find her again.


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