Going Down —

the inspiration:

I am delighted to be working with Lulu Pratt again.


She and I were emailing back and forth one night and the idea of a f*ck-it list was brought up. Next thing you know, a plot was developed and we were on the way to a great story! 

Going Down

Some people have a bucket list, I have a f*ck-it list

When a brochure arrives at my mansion, the woman on the cover goes straight to the top.

But she’s only interested in selling me stuff.

That’s fine, I’m no stranger to the chase and I always capture my prey.

After one touch, my list goes out the window.

She’s all I can think about.

Until I find out she’s secretly working for my a$$hole brother.

My brother thinks he can use her to take me down?

As if. 

There’s only one way I’m going down… on her.


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