Pierce Me —

the inspiration:

I read recently that many women have trouble achieving an orgasm with their partner and it started me thinking... what lengths would I go for one?

Pierce Me: Satisfied by the Bad Boy

She's never had an O, and I'm going to make up for that.

When Eloise walks into my tattoo parlor, she thinks she knows what she's after - a piercing to help take her where no man can.

But I don't want to help her in the way she thinks.

I had a crush on her all the way through grade school. The last time I saw her was seventh grade, when my life was falling apart.

Now she has the same cute ponytail as always but the rest of her grown-up body makes me hard just looking at it.

Forget the past. I'll give her a piercing all right, and it will be the deepest one of her life.

Never had an O? Welcome to Oh My God!


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